Edwin Telle, LLB, Director


I’m one of the founding partners from 2010 and I run the litigation arm of the firm. I had a heart transplant as a teenager and it taught me empathy, through the people who cared for me I learned to see the best in people. I believe very strongly that everyone should have access to the law and that I’m here to make a difference. 

I’m one of a handful of commercial litigators who also does civil legal aid. I really enjoy solving problems, I love the people I work with, my clients are great. Money is not what motivates me or this firm. I’m known for sometimes backing the underdog because I believe in justice. What have I learned in my career? You can’t win everything all of the time. You have to fight on. I take on cases because I believe in them, whether they are commercial or civil, I take them because they’re worthwhile. I don’t take on cases just to argue, I don’t have time. If I want an argument I can talk to my wife. 

My client relationships are extremely important. I believe the client-solicitor relationship is a special relationship. It’s something people need to be able to rely on and trust. My clients know I will fight my hardest for them. I believe in fairness and everyone’s right to representation.



M: 021 064 9612
D: 09 622 8861
E: edwin@neilsonslawyers.co.nz