“I look after the day to day running of the firm. My background is in business management and finance. I started at a law firm when I was young  as a Trusts Account Clerk, which means I spent my day legging it up and down Queen Street with bank cheques. Later I joined another firm and as the business manager. That’s where I learned the tricks of the trade to managing lawyers.

“No two lawyers are the same. There are times they’re hard to manage. They’re frequently a law unto themselves, forgive the pun. As the firm’s Trust Accountant I also have daily contact with our clients - our lawyers own the relationships, and I help manage the mechanics. If there are any client issues I will be involved.

“I love everything about law: its application across different areas. Trust is paramount. I’ve never worked in a firm quite like this one. We give a damn, we actually care. We are not just invested in a client for their money. Sometimes we’re fighting for their livelihood, sometimes for their family or the roof over their heads. The stakes can be very high, but if you’ve got a good lawyer you can carry that relationship across the rest of your life.”



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