Neilsons offers a full range of legal services.

Neilsons offers a full range of legal services. Whatever your needs, one of our experienced practitioners is here to help you. Our comprehensive range of services includes: Litigation of general civil and commercial disputes, Property, Business, Employment, Wills and Trusts, Estate administration, Family and Immigration



Having the right people with the right experience on your team and in your corner is usually the difference between success and failure. We think and plan strategically, we sweat the small stuff, and we play to win. We appear in all jurisdictions, including the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, High Court, District Court (civil, family and criminal), Environment Court, Employment Court, Employment Relations Authority, Weathertight Homes Tribunal, Tenancy Tribunal, Sports Tribunal, and Immigration and Protection Tribunal.

— General commercial and civil disputes
— Construction and leaky buildings and weather-tightness
— Liquidation and bankruptcy proceedings and issues
— Insurance disputes
— Property and body corporate disputes
— Estate disputes
— Dispute resolution and mediation
— Debt collection
— Defamation
— Intellectual property disputes
— Criminal and traffic
— Sports law




Property is one of our busiest areas of practice. We have vast experience over many years in negotiating and concluding successful property deals and transactions.

— Buying or selling a home
— Building a home
— Body corporate issues
— Refinancing
— Subdivision and property development
— Property trusts



business law

Good legal advice is often critical to a business’s ability to manage its risks as well as to ensure its smooth operation and long term sustainability. At Neilsons, we can offer strategic, insightful, proactive and valuable advice to help you to manage business risk, to consolidate, grow, or sell your business.

— Commercial leasing for both landlord and tenant
— Finance
— Structuring companies, partnerships and other entities
— Buying and selling a business
— Managing business changes such as restructuring and redundancy
— Employment and industrial relations law for employers
— Charitable trusts
— Reviewing and updating policies and procedures and checking for legislative compliance
— Compliance audits for immigration, payroll, HR management, minimum employment standards, health and safety



Employment Law

From the moment a job advertisement is placed, a wide range of employment laws impact everyone involved in the employment relationship. Whether you’re an employer or an employee needing advice on any aspect of your employment relationship, we have the best people to give you practical and user friendly advise to help resolve your situation positively and strategically.


For Employers

— Pre-employment screening
— Drafting or advising on contractor agreements and employment agreements
— Work place policies and procedures (draft or check for legislative compliance)
— Information technology
— Harassment
— Privacy
— Restraint of trade issues
— Managing change and restructures
— Resolving or preventing employment relationship problems such as performance, termination, misconduct, leave and holiday entitlements
— Collective negotiations and industrial relations strategy, support and advice
— Employment law training for supervisors and managers
— Health and safety including issues related to drug testing and health and safety representative and committee training
— Mediation and litigation representation
— Employment related investigations
— Human resources and/or payroll audits
— Conducting mediations, facilitations and investigations
— Medical termination and ACC related issues

 For Employees

— Reviewing agreements pre-employment
— Employment agreement interpretation
— Resolving employment relationship problems such as termination, disciplinary action, leave and holiday entitlements and remuneration and benefit issues, harassment, and privacy
— Mediation and litigation representation
— Restraint of trade issues



Wills and Trusts

Whether you want to protect and manage your assets, plan for your partner, children, grandchildren or other people you love, we can help set up and organise your wills and trusts expertly so you can all face the future with confidence.


— Deceased estate administration
— Estate disputes and claims against estates
— Powers of attorney
— Trusts
— Wills
— Estate planning



Family Law

There is no other area of law where the outcomes feel as important as Family Law. Every client’s situation is different, but you can trust us to listen first and then act in your best interest and that of your loved ones. Our specialist family law team is experienced in a range of family law matters, and you will find them knowledgeable and professional. We will tailor our advice to your specific circumstances. We always aim to reach agreement without resorting to court proceedings wherever possible.


— Separation and relationship property agreements and disputes
— Contracting-out and prenuptial agreements
— Divorce or separation
— Care of children (child custody, relocation, guardianship of children)
— Domestic violence
— International family law
— Adoption
— Welfare guardians or property managers for the mentally or physically infirm
— Paternity
— Estate claims
— Child support




Becoming a New Zealand citizen or being granted residency or a visa can be a life changing event. Neilsons’ legal practitioners are expert in New Zealand immigration law and disputes resolution processes.

— Work visas
— Partnership visas
— Visitor visas
— Student visas
— Residence visas including parent category, family and skilled migrant categories
— Citizenship
— Appeals to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal
— Ministerial appeals

Immigration advice to employers, including approval in principle, applying for employer accreditation, migrant workforce management, and immigration exposure audits



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