It’s the ability to speak with and listen to all kinds of people that really matters. You have got to listen to what your client is saying. That is how you learn. Clients are often just after some really pragmatic advice. 

For me, it’s about winning the confidence of your client. I know marketing is very important but it helps to have people in the office who know what they’re doing. I've noticed some lawyers  appear to lack urgency in their work. One of my colleagues  says “ You have to take ownership of the client”.  He's right.

Most of our clients have come to me or Neilsons because they’ve been referred by existing clients, or other service providers. It is important to keep faith with these referrers. I always make myself available, even outside office hours. 

Little things, like letting your clients know you actually work  hard on their behalf for your dollar is important.

Clients stay with us because we are good at what we do. They trust us. Our job is then to build on that trust.



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