At Neilsons, our values are unashamedly of the old school.


We believe passionately in the power of the law to help people, and that in some cases it can transform their lives or businesses. Our job as lawyers is to help you gain access to the law, and to help you succeed in achieving the legal results that you’re after.

Our legal practitioners hold true to the concepts of justice, fairness, and good faith. These principles govern our professional philosophy.

We believe in loyalty and the highest standards of personal service for every one of our clients. Some of them have been with us across three generations.

Integrity is an easy word to say, but a harder road to walk. As lawyers our reputation is our greatest asset. It’s one we seek to add value to in everything we do, through the application of human values and professional excellence.

We pride ourselves on being client-focused and on delivering results. We really are different, and proud of it. If that sounds like a law firm you’d like to work with, then contact us today.