“I’ve been here since 2013 and now run the litigation team together with my good friend  Edwin Telle. I work in commercial litigation, general commercial, and property. I left the law to travel the world a few years ago - I was going to become a dive instructor, a yoga instructor, or something equally romantic. But Edwin  asked me to come work with him, and after the first interview I knew that if I was going to be a lawyer again it was going to be with Neilsons. 

“What I love about being here is helping clients and finding creative solutions for them. Turning the law to their advantage. Litigation can be tough as the outcomes are never assured, but you’re always, always playing to win. It hurts to lose. My client relationships are hugely important to me. Maybe I’m not your typical lawyer, but all the lawyers at Neilsons are a little bit out of left field, which is a good thing. 

“We believe in client loyalty. There’s also a lot of loyalty from the senior partners towards the staff. We’re more of a family environment than your normal law firm - I worked in the city for a number of years, and it was ruthless, just profit focussed, worried about billing. Neilsons is very refreshing. Our focus is on the best service we can offer rather than just getting the monthly invoices done. We’re about the long term, and our clients appreciate that. It’s why we get so much referred business.” 


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